Smart Live Scoring with Golf Directo

Golf Directo is a mobile app allowing golf players to enter their score live during a golf competition. This app has been used in Spain for 2 years, the main benefit of this service is a real-time concatenation of the results, and in consequence a lot of time saved for the generation and the publication of the different standings.

The app will be set up for the TGT competition formula - i.e. 4 balls. For each round, there will be 1 page per hole including 1 line for each of the 4 players, therefore the score of each player has to be entered. At the end of the round, all the players proceed to a final review, then they submit the global scoring of the round. One player per group will be tasked to enter the scores of the 4 players (2 teams). Ahead of the round, he/she will receive an email including a link to the page dedicated to the competition of the day in the app.

To be able to proceed so, those players have to download the app ahead of the competition and provide a personal email address - for security reasons, Golf Directo cannot be related to a address. In order to ensure the best coverage of the scores, the organization team ask all the teams to define the players who will enter the scores on the app, and send that information as soon as possible.

Golf Directo is available on Android and IOS. All the information about the app is available here: