El Rompido Sur course, designed by Álvaro Arana, was the first of the two courses to be built.

Opened in October 2003, it borders the Club House and is perfectly integrated into the environment. It is divided into two courses with very different characteristics, both technically and in terms of landscape. The pine forest, the olive trees and the marsh are intermingled, requiring golfers to use strategy and precision in their strokes.

It is a flat golf course, which can be easily played by feet and is suitable for golfers of all levels. It has large greens, some of which are considered among the fastest in Andalusia.

The mix of tropical grass and winter grass makes golfers feel that the fairways lend a great feeling of comfort to the game.

Technical information

El Rompido Sur course is a Par 72 composed of 4 pars 3, 10 pars 4 et 4 pars 5.


  • Distance : 5681 m

  • Slope : 131

  • SSS : 70.8


  • Distance : 4951 m

  • Slope : 128

  • SSS : 72.4

Local rules

  • Out of bounds: determined by white stakes and fences bearing a visible white markingThere is an internal out of bounds, playing the 17th hole on the right margin of the hole, protecting the 15th green and the 16th tee, marked with white stakes.

  • Immovable obstructions: paved paths and wooden bridges, open drains (covered with gravel or sand), young trees (club length) and staked trees, toilets, sprinklers and irrigation control boxes, wooden fence crossing the course between holes 1, 2, 7 and 8.

  • Movable obstructions: stones in the bunkers.

  • Ground under repair: play is prohibited in areas marked with blue stakes and/or white lines.

  • Ball plugged: in fairways and greens it may be lifted, washed and placed again.

Additional information

  • Scorecard

  • Drinking water points : Holes 4 and 14

  • Toilets : Between Holes 5 and 6, between Holes 14 and 15