Q1 - How are cases of "isolated" players handled, i.e. who are not part of a team of 6 or a pair?

These players are grouped together with other "isolated" players to form multi-entity teams.

Q2 - What is the minimum handicap to participate?

There is no minimum handicap, but as a reminder the competition is open to amateur players only.

Q3 - How do I pay for single room supplements (during TGT) and additional hotel nights (before or after TGT)?

Single room supplements during the TGT are to be paid to the organization - i.e. 30€ x 4 nights = 120€.

Additional hotel nights before or after the TGT must be booked and paid directly to the hotel. For this, you must contact the hotel with 2 options:

1) Via email to reservas.rompido@precisehotels.com

2) Via telephone by dialling +34 959 024 320 then extension 3

In both cases, please clearly specify that the additional reservation is related to TGT 2023.

Q4 - What is the difference between a "double" room and a "twin" room?

A double room is composed of 1 double bed.

A twin room is composed of 2 single beds.

Q5 - With regards to the airport shuttles, is it possible that the places of arrival and departure are different? - ex: arrival in Sevilla, then departure from Faro?

Such a configuration is possible, but it shall appear very clearly in the team's commitment form for all the concerned cases.

Q6 - Can we register for a shuttle between an airport and the hotel on Tuesday Sep 19th even if our flight is on a different day?

Yes, this is possible as long as you are registered to the TGT. In this case, please mention a fake arrival time the entry form.

Q7 - Will there be specific times for airport transfers or will people be collected dependent upon their incoming/outgoing flight times?

The transfers will be grouped, therefore some will have to wait a bit more than others.

When the organization will know all the flights arriving on Tuesday Sep 19th and departing on Saturday Sep 23rd, a schedule will be defined and shared - likely in July.

Q8 - What are the conditions and prices for playing the TGT courses before the competition?

Please contact the Golf Clubs directly by email as follows:

  • Object: TGT - Reserva salida de reconocimiento

  • Body: Indicate the names of the players, the desired departure time, and if needed whether you want manual trolleys (carros manuales), electric trolleys (carros electricos) or buggies.

The contact addresses for each Golf Club are respectively:

In each case the price includes a manual trolley. The cost of an electric trolley is €10 to €15 depending on the Golf Club, and a buggy costs €35 to €42 depending on the Golf Course.