Introduction: The Tournament Committee and the Sporting Commission

The TGT is a team competition bringing together employees of Thales Group and their dependents.

The competition is played over 3 days / 3 courses (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday), the golfers are split into groups and play a different course every day (4 groups maximum).

The Tournament Committee: Jacques CHAMBRE (Team leader), Jennifer LALAURETTE (Treasurer), Jean-Claude RAYNAUD (Secretary), Bernard CARUSO (Registration), Patrice LASSALLE (Webmaster), Philippe GIRALDI (Sporting), Mandy BAKER (Companions).

The Sporting Commission: Jacques CHAMBRE, Philippe GIRALDI and the directors of each golf course.

The Sporting Commission ensures the smooth running of the competition and will rule on any sporting disputes.

Conditions of participation


  • For French players, hold the FFGOLF 2023 license and an up-to-date medical certificate.

  • For community or extra-community players, be up to date with the rights for the current year in their respective federation.

  • For all, having paid their registration fees to the Tournament Committee


  • Team of 4 to 6 players maximum representing a choice of: a multi-subsidiary site, a site of the same subsidiary, a subsidiary, a division, a country.

  • A grouping may be allowed by the Tournament Committee if certain entities cannot present a complete team as defined above.

  • For reasons of capacity per field, the number of players will be maximum 72 players per course.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Captains

  • For each team of 6 players a captain must be named.

  • He must ensure the compliance with these regulations.

  • He is responsible for the attitude of his players and for respecting the rules.

  • He is the only interface with the Sporting Commission and the Tournament Committee for any dispute, explanation, decision.

Game Formula, Index, Departures

The competition will be played according to the rules in force of the French Golf Federation described in its booklet "The rules of golf 2023" in accordance with the rules of the R&A Rules Limited and the United States Golf Association. Local rules may be associated for each course (see score cards).

Game formula

  • 4 Balls / 54 holes / 18 holes per day during 3 days.

  • 3 different courses, each course will only be played once by each participant.

Reference index

  • For French players, the index will be the one appearing in Fléole on August 20th - 1 month before the beginning of the tournament.

  • Players with an index greater than 36.0 will have their index reduced to 36.0 for the duration of the competition.

  • For community or non-community players: communication of the indexes via the Team sheet at the latest on August 20th.

  • In the absence of this communication, the default reference index will be 0 (zero).

  • The reference index will be kept for the 3 days of the competition.

  • The competition is reserved to amateur players.

Starting marks

Mark 2 for men (Yellow) and mark 4 for ladies (Red).

Awards, Leaderboards and Draws

Team rankings

  • Gross ranking by adding the 2 best 4 balls GROSS scores of each round per team.

  • Net ranking by adding the 2 best 4 balls NET scores of each round per team.

  • Tiebreakers by comparison: 1) the sum of the Team's 3rd 4 balls score, 2) the sum of the last 9 holes over the 3 rounds for the 2 best scores, and 3) the sum of the last 9 holes of the Team's 3rd 4 balls score

  • The first 3 teams and the 22nd team of the general GROSS and NET rankings will be rewarded, as well as the first 3 teams of the GROSS and NET rankings in each group.

  • At equal ranking, GROSS takes precedence over NET.

  • Each team can only be rewarded once.

Driving & Nearest-to-the-pin Contests Rankings

  • A driving contest and a nearest-to-the-pin contest will be organized each day on each golf course (Men & Women)

  • For driving contests, only balls resting on the green or the fairway will be retained

  • For nearest-to-the-pin contests, only balls resting on the green will be retained

Those contests will respectively take place :

  • El Rompido Norte : Driving on hole 4 / Nearest-to-the-pin on hole 12

  • El Rompido Sur : Driving on hole 4 / Nearest-to-the-pin on hole 16

  • Monacilla : Driving on hole 18 / Nearest-to-the-pin on hole 12

  • Nuevo Portil : Driving on hole 11 / Nearest-to-the-pin on hole 13


One player can only be rewarded once in the draw.

Special warnings

Each player is asked to wear suitable clothing, the golf courses ask not to wear the following clothes: jeans, short short pants, tank tops.

Players are allowed to use measuring instruments in accordance with the Rules of Golf.

Using a golf cart is not allowed, except justified medical reasons - Note: In such cases, the cost of the golf cart is charged to the player.

Recommendations regarding slow play and game fluidity

The Sporting Commission and the various golf managers pay a particular attention to slow play. All players must adopt the Ready Golf attitude in order to improve the fluidity of the game. That attitude can be defined as following: Whoever is ready plays, whether they are closer or further.